Five Things Friday…

…or Sunday or whatever I guess:)

1. It has been a pretty busy weekend, but, you know, good busy. So today when we went to a friend’s house for dinner and ended up eating outside on a blanket and then spending an hour after learning how to do that thing with a piece of grass where you make it whistle, it was pretty perfect.

2. We helped some friends move this week. They were some of the only people we knew when we moved here and we sort of felt like it was fate because she went to my high school and he went to ted’s. Watching them move was actually pretty crazy. It made me think of how different our lives are since we moved here and how many people we have met and become friends with. It reminded me that someday we, too, will be packing up and starting a whole new adventure somewhere that we can’t even begin to guess right now.

3. Our neighborhood has been pretty crazy this week because of the lilac festival. We made it out twice and here is what I ate: deep fried pbj, cinnamon sugar almonds, curly fries, deep fried oreos, and a strawberry smoothie that tasted suspiciously similar to freezer jam.

4. I had to make something to take to a friend’s house this week and we literally had three things in the fridge that were not rotten or a condiment. I ended up using the eggs and grabbing whatever vegetables we had (red pepper, brussels sprouts) and making mini quiches with coconut milk instead of cream. Sounds pretty disgusting but I thought they turned out good and our friend’s baby ate two so… I actually found it really satisfying to be able to figure out something to make with such limited possibilities.

5. One good thing about my job is that when I am applying for future jobs, I can tell them that I have Excel experience.

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