Happy Mother’s Day

To all the wonderful mothers, grandmas, and women in my life. I got you some flowers.

Photo May 12, 6 46 33 PM

Photo May 12, 6 45 10 PM Photo May 12, 7 18 23 PM Photo May 12, 7 20 29 PM Photo May 12, 7 21 50 PM Photo May 12, 7 34 32 PM Photo May 12, 7 35 46 PM Photo May 12, 7 36 33 PM

My mama’s birthday falls on the same week, and occasionally the same day as mother’s day. I imagine it must be lame sometimes but she has always been a good sport about it. One of our beloved family stories that none of us can tell without tears of laughter streaming down our faces involves this. One year, two of my mama’s children (who’s names will not be revealed:)) realized on mother’s day/her birthday that they had forgotten to get her a present. They (we?) ran upstairs to search their room for anything they could give her and a few hours later presented her with a pillowcase to open. Inside she found one of their old teddy bears which they had decorated aka written their names on the arms with permanent marker. She very graciously thanked them for it while she and the rest of the family tried to hold back laughter. She puts up with a lot is what I’m saying and I hope she knows how much we all love her.

My mom has the most adventurous spirit, whether she is exploring the great outdoors (a love for which she has instilled in all her children) or tackling a daunting project. She has the soul of an artist and her ability to make things beautiful never ceases to amaze me.  One of the best things about my mom, and one that I hope to be able to master someday, is that she always makes you feel like the ultimate star on your birthday or other special days. She is so beautiful inside and out and I am so happy to be not only her daughter, but also her friend.


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