Five Things Friday

1. In which I Eat alone at the Olive Garden:photo (6)


I took the car in to the shop this week, and they told me that it would be a 2-3 hour wait. I was stuck there so I called Ted and he told me to treat yo self. I made the most logical choice under the circumstances and walked the mile to olive garden. I’m going to be honest-it was awkward. Next time I would probably opt to sit at the bar, but my food was delicious and I successfully killed the appropriate amount of time so…win win.

2. Our (gray) couch came with some throw pillows which was nice, but they are kind of desperately in need of a makeover. This week I got completely sucked in to looking at fabric on More specifically the fabric of holli zollinger. Here are the top three. (I couldn’t figure out how to put the actual pictures on here.) Help! I am incapable of making a decision. My true favorite is this one but ted put the kibosh on it already.

3. photo (5)

We pass this sign on the way to school every morning, so I have had maybe a little bit too much time to consider it. First of all, the sign has been up for over a month and I have yet to see either a “garge” or a “sale” and secondly, the longer the owners of the sign leave it up, the longer they will force me to mock them.

4. Don’t even ask how I found this, just try it. : )

5. The lilac festival started today! Already there are people all over highland park taking super up-close pictures of flowers and eating large quantities of fried food. You may remember Ted’s donut hot dog from last year. When we went last year it wasn’t what I was expecting (serene classical music, strolling among the lilacs) but there’s just something about a big spectacle like that that I can’t resist. So I’m excited to go again this year and also hoping to catch Rusted Root.


One thought on “Five Things Friday

  1. #5 Enjoy the Lilac Festival!
    #4 reminds me of our “Rachel-got-to-hold-the-koala-and-we-didn’t” Australia story.

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