FTF: May the Fourth Be With You

dl2bGXF - Imgur chewy hanleia

1. These goofy photos behind the scenes of empire strikes back make me so happy. I would totally make out with chewbacca. Want to see more?

2. We didn’t get picked as extras for the spiderman scene they are filming here in Rochester, but if you squint suuuuper hard you can kiiiiinda see the filming from the window at the office where I work. The crazy ladies who sit behind me decided to capitalize on this fact and charge 50 cents a peek. No seriously. I thought they were kidding at first, but they were dead serious. Other people in the office would come around sort of chuckling about the signs they put up and then the ladies would nag them until they coughed up the quarters.

3. I always like to have a good weekend project to sink my teeth into. This weekend…


this t-shirt


6376714_f496garden boxes. 

4. Watching my awesome brother in law finish his marathon a few weekends ago was so inspiring. After my half I was pretty much decided on never running such a long distance again, but things like watching all those people basically lugging their bodies past that finish line makes me feel like…someday.


5. Happy Cinco De Mayo Manana. Really wishing I had the ingredients for these little fritters. Or at least an avocado.


3 thoughts on “FTF: May the Fourth Be With You

  1. I love merricksart.com! I am a definite follower. Next time we’re together we’ll have to do a project from her ideas.

  2. p.s. let me know how your shirt turns out! I haven’t done much with fabric paint but would like to try.

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