Five Things Friday

I missed last week. We were at the Ryser’s house in Utah and I didn’t really feel up to writing anything here. But…I am really bummed that I missed it because-even if I’m the only one who cares-I really want to be able to look back and say, cool I did that every week for a year. So today I am making up with 5 extra things, because that counts right? It totally counted in high school. Also I make the rules. Double feature, guys!

1. This video. yes.

I think my family will laugh at this one because they have heard me complain about most of these things.

2. photo (2)

Snuck this shot as we were landing back in Rochester after our weekend in Utah. I had to be extra sneaky because we were in the farthest back seats of a tiny plane and the flight attendant guy was already disgruntled with Ted and I after we asked for limes in our ginger ale. (What can I say, I’m fancy.)

3. On a similar note-I rode a fair amount of airplanes growing up. Not a crazy amount or anything, but enough to know the drill. I remember loving turbulence; it was like a bonus roller coaster ride. And then I got married and became a chicken. What is that all about? Now I can’t close my eyes on a plane without having a vision of the whole thing plummeting to the ground. Anyway, watching the plane slowly meet up with it’s shadow is one of the things that comforts me, strangely.

4.Also during most of the turbulence I made Ted talk to me to distract my crazy “we’re all going to die I wonder how it’ll feel and if I will lose consciousness” brain and since he was studying hard (the whole. entire. day. of travel.) our main topic of discussion was cardiac abnormalities. So…at least I’m smarter now?

5. So many good things on this list. I think my favorite might be the one about minnie and mickey.

6. I just finished reading The Snow Child. It was so good. It made me want to be a magical girl running around in the alaskan mountains, or at least go visit Alaska.

7. photo (3)

Em sent me a package this week from her new home in Munich and inside were these pretty pretty slippers that she crocheted for me. I am really impressed especially because it has taken me over a week to get to the post office to send her birthday package, and I’m not even on a mission.

8. Overheard at work this week:

1st lady: “I’m confused. What’s (air quotes) the twitter?”

2nd lady: (with great bitterness) “It’s just what the kids use to tell the world every time they go to the bathroom.”

9. After our NY trip, we drove to Lewisburg, PA to visit my aunt and uncle and cousins. They were great hosts and it is one of the cutest towns that sort of made me feel like I was stepping back in time. I went on a run one morning while I was there and kept stopping to take pictures.

photo (4)

10. Happy Earth Day earlier this week! Hope you hugged a tree.

Whew! xo, Elise


3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Feeling lucky to be included in your “5 things Friday!” LOVED the vegetarian video and the slippers and the fact that you’re fancy. 🙂

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