Five Things Friday

1. We just found out that part of the new Spiderman is being filmed in Rochester at the end of this month! I just submitted our photos for consideration as extras. I’m guessing our chances of getting picked are pretty slim to none but cross your fingers for us anyway, will ya?

2. AD_1

Getting excited for the new Arrested Development episodes! Someone made album covers for all the characters and they are pretty hilarious.

3. This American Life did a story about a high school in Chicago that had a lot of gun violence, and this week Michelle Obama visited that high school. This American Life, changing lives!

4. I loved this story about someone doing something pretty selfless for a long time and it paying off in an unexpected way. (via

5. Going to a pre-girls camp planning sleepover tonight up at the campground, so I better go pack!

HAGW, Elise


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