Five Things Friday

Photo Apr 05, 1 32 06 PM

1. Best dinner of the week/my life: Sweet potato black bean quesadillas. First bake a sweet potato until it’s just barely soft. Sautee a small onion. Throw in a handful of spinach if you feel like it, or you can put it on raw later. Cube the sweet potatoes and add them to the onions to sautee until they are done. Pour in about half a can of black beans, then season with salt, pepper, and chili powder. Lightly brown your tortillas on both sides, then fill with sweet potato mixture, just enough cheddar to make it stick together, and a little bit of feta. Cook on both sides until cheese melts (duh?) Serve topped with chipotle cream sauce, (I just mix my chipotle salsa with sour cream, but there are lots of recipes out there) a few pieces of diced red pepper, and cilantro.

2. Every time Tavi Gevinson writes something, it simultaneously inspires me and makes me want to delete my blog because it is just so good.

3. My mother in law is the undisputed queen of April Fools. In past years she has:

faked a mission call for her son

had her daughter wheeled on a gurney through the hospital past where her husband was working

pretended to adopt a dog (which they ended up keeping)

and many more.

This year, we got a very official looking packet in the mail (on March 28th) saying that we were being audited. There were all these procedures and it looked like a lot of work.  Ted called his parents in a panic for advice, and guess what…April Fools!

4. My coworker and I got on a puppy tangent today and we found these pictures and then I melted and now I am just a melted popsicle laying in a puddle on the floor.

5. Today is going to be a long day-I’m working both jobs and probably won’t get home until 1030ish. But I’m getting through it by thinking about how awesome our weekend is going to be. We’re celebrating two years of being married. And also general conference, holla. True to form, I went out and bought some new yarn so I’m all set. Hope you have a happy weekend too!


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