Five Things Friday

A few weeks ago, this thing was going around where people were writing five facts about themselves. Well I am late to the party on this one, but you know what they say…better late than never. Plus, most everything cool that happened last week was on our spring break trip and I am saving that for a post of it’s own.

photo (19)

1.  I am the hugest chicken when it comes to jumping off stuff. Just typing this is making my hands get sweaty.

2. I will sacrifice my body in any way possible to be able to bring the groceries inside in one trip.

3. A lot of things sound like my name. For example, I always think someone is trying to talk to me when they say “at least.” When I introduce myself, I sometimes say “I’m Elise” which leads people to think I’m saying “Emily” which is doubly confusing since my sister is named Emily. One time this happened at a work banquet and someone announced that my name was Emily and then my co-workers were all so confused and thought they had been calling me the wrong name for the past few months.

4. I am a super dorky dancer. This I inherited from my father I am pretty sure. I remember going to a dance with him and he did that classic move where you make glasses out of your fingers, you know the one. And yet I love dancing in the privacy of my home.

5.  I have a really good memory for totally random things, such as songs that I learned in the second grade. Need to know the states in alphabetical order? What about the preamble to the constitution? I’m your girl for all that and more.


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