The (real) happiest place on earth


I was doing some aimless internet browsing during my lunch break at work, and I came across this series of seriously cool screen-printed maps. Among Los Angeles and San Francisco and Washington D.C. and a few smaller Oregon cities, I spotted none other than McCall, Idaho. It kind of maybe almost brought tears to my eyes. This Place! Whenever I think of it I picture sleepovers at my best friend in junior high’s cabin playing monopoly in the loft and talking about boys. I remember bundling up and walking through snow that has somehow accumulated to be taller than I am. I picture the yarn shop with emily and cleaning out all the crazy debris (stuffed bobcats, airplane hangar paraphernalia, righteous brothers posters)  when my family first bought their cabin there and the most perfect nut burger and fries from my father’s place. I think of making dams in the little creek out back and puzzles and the best tree skiing. Basically it’s perfection. And some random graphic designer living in St. Paul, Minnesota of all places happens to agree.

Mom, Dad, I would totally buy this for you if I was in any financial position to do so. I hope the thought counts on this one.


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