Five Things Friday

1. My family decided to ditch their hawaii spring break plans this year in favor of coming for a quick visit to the city (I’m never quite sure what to call it-NYC, new york, ted favors the big apple) and we got lucky and get to join them. I am so excited as evidenced by these lists that I have been making…

2. photo (18)(they’re front and back)

…think we’ll be able to do all this in three days? If our last trip to the big city and the 13 + miles we walked are any indication, well…still probably not. Either way, I’m mostly just excited to see their faces! (Wish you were coming too daddy!)

3. This past week has been ted’s spring break and although my having to work the whole time means that he doesn’t get to go anywhere too cool, he has been taking advantage of the well-deserved opportunity to relax a little.  However when I texted him this….

photo (16)

earlier this week, the next day, I came home from my long day of work to this…

photo (17)

you are a class act teddy my love.

4. My sister Emily has been in the same city for her whole mission so far-Pforzheim, Germany-and she just got transferred to Munich! Also she is training a brand new missionary. That is a whole lot of changes all at once and it is really exciting but also probably crazy (especially for Em who is not a huge fan of change) so she could use any extra prayers. Or extra emails since she is now allowed to email anyone. I am so proud of that sister scoggin.

5. Have any of you seen the lizzie bennet diaries on youtube? I just started them last week and they are completely delightful for pride and prejudice fans.


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