Five Things Friday



1. Earlier this week, the creator + stars of the tv show Veronica Mars made a kickstarter for a VMars movie. Their goal was $2 million and they raised it in less than twelve hours. If I think about it too hard, it’s crazy that people were paying that kind of money (one person paid $10,000 for a speaking part) for a movie to be made when all kinds of more deserving things go underfunded. That said, I am so freaking excited! V, Logan, Wallace, even Weevil, I missed you guys and I can only watch a rerun so many times.

2. Ted emailed one of the dietitians he had worked with at the student-run clinic for me and she invited me to a meeting of her nutrition society this past Monday. It was really great to meet a bunch of people who are excited about similar things to me and to see all the different goings on in the community related to nutrition. Now all I need is for one of them to give me my dream job…:)

3. One of my favorite things about my current place of employment is eavesdropping on the employees sitting near me that have worked there for 20-30 years. Can you imagine? I totally can’t imagine. They are mostly older ladies with grand-kids except for the lone man working in my area (who’s wife just had a baby) which makes for an interesting dynamic. He seems like the most apathetic human and they are constantly bombarding him with questions (does your baby sleep is asked at least once a day.) They call him  “Keithy” in their singsongiest voices and you can just tell he totally hates it. Once they decided to throw him a baby shower by decorating his desk after he left for the night and leaving presents. He pretty much ignored the entire thing. Today they all started a loud conversation about how much the auditors (me me me) are the worst when they give them errors, so…I guess they don’t know what my job is. Awkward. Luckily there is another auditor sitting in the same area as me, so we can commiserate.

4. Today we are celebrating because Ted just finished the LAST NORMAL TEST of his med school career. No more (or at least much less) sitting in lecture where the teacher gets through over a hundred power point slides in an hour! This is a huge deal, people, and I am so proud of him for all his hard work.

5. We had a freakish warm day last Sunday, and it was a dream. We sat on our front porch and read and talked about how much fun our street is. There is always something going on on our street. The old men living next door take their dogs for walks pretty much every two hours. all night long. Skateboarders, bikers, little families with varieties of razor scooters, tricycles and wagons, crazy people-we got it all. I read this story out loud to Ted and we both savored the creepiness and how unexpected it was from Roald Dahl.



2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. I love Roald Dahl! He was my favorite author growing up and I innocently bought one of his short story books when I was in middle school- it was definitely not meant for kids. He has some super creepy, disturbing stories. I don’t think I ever read them all. He’s a bit of an odd duck.

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