Five Things Friday

1. Reason number 1270593 Ted is awesome: on Wednesday he got out of class early so he came home and went on a TEN MILE RUN. The same distance as my longest training run before the half marathon. Out of the blue, without any build up or race looming in the future.

2. While looking for a new book to read today, I remembered maybe the best idea I’ve ever had: Rotten Tomatoes for books. I once shared this idea with an entrepreneurial friend and he wasn’t super into it, but I stand by the brilliance. Think about it-go to one website and find all the most important reviews for a book instead of having to take the word of some crazy guy on Amazon.

photo (15)

3. Tonight we went to a dinner with Ted’s class at the George Eastman (guy who founded Kodak) House. It was so fun to get all fancy and go out together. During part of the time we got to explore the mansion that he lived in and that has been kept in pretty accurate condition, right down to the elephant head on the wall.


5. I am dying to try this project to make some awesome hankies, maybe with my young women, or maybe for girl’s camp.


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