Over The Weekend

I should probably begin by making good on the video footage I promised. Some of Ted’s friends in his class decided they wanted to participate in the med school talent show, and asked him to join in. Their talent: gorging themselves on burgers. What follows is quite a feat of gluttony and not for the faint of heart…

Oh man, am I right? Love that banana.

So that’s how Friday night went down, (except I had to work at jcrew so I couldn’t attend.) Oh and in case you were wondering, two of them finished three, one ate five, Ted and another guy ate four and a half, and the guy who won ate seven. And then one right after it was over just to prove he was…disgusting?


Saturday began much as you might expect, with some intestinal discomfort.


Luckily for me, it was in the cards for us to have an errand-y kind of day which just might be my favorite kind of day. Ted’s hair was getting a little shaggy and he had a coupon for the greatest of clips. While he was being shorn, I decided to wander through the strip mall that shared the parking lot, only going inside when my nose and fingers started to freeze. There were so many stores that I normally wouldn’t go into, such as the home decor store selling the below toll painted kitchen accessory…

photo (13)

…but I successfully whiled away a half hour trying on fancy beauty creams and perfumes, and browsing through $5 and under items at the “dollar” store. I was actually kind of sad when Ted called to say he was ready to pick me up because I didn’t get to check out the thrift store and the free zoo (petco.)(thanks brett and germaine)

We had to hit up wegman’s for the biggest load of groceries we have bought since we moved here I think. Can I just tell you that the samples at wegman’s that day were top notch. There was this one with irish soda bread and sharp cheddar. I don’t believe I have ever been so well fed for free, and that includes Costco. I was talking to a friend a little while ago and she was telling me about someone she knew who would not partake of any samples while shopping and we both agreed that that was no way to live. Can you tell, I get kind of embarrassingly excited about free food?

photo (12)

Our lovely former downstairs neighbors-happily for them/sadly for us-moved into the new house they bought a few weeks ago and last weekend, the new neighbors moved in. After a great debate about what is a better thing to bring to your new neighbors, cookies or granola, the granola (I) won out. This granola recipe, by the way, is superb. Coconut oil! We kept seeing the light on downstairs, going up to get the gift (and get distracted for a few minutes) then going back downstairs only to find all the lights off. Finally caught them on the third try, those sneaky neighbors.

photo (14)

We got to end the night hanging via skype with the Rysers, and discovered that charades is the perfect game for video chatting. They were all in Park City for the night having some family fun and celebrating Al’s bday and we were so happy to get to be included. Although it made us really wish we had some kind of teleportation system.


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