Five Things Friday

1. Hey it’s March! Happy March everybody.

2. For about a year now, we have been getting Rolling Stone magazine in the mail. We do not pay to get Rolling Stone magazine. We do not really care about getting Rolling Stone magazine. And yet every month, it comes with a super urgent warning that this is the last one they will ever be sending us unless we pay for a subscription. Not a super effective threat for people who don’t even want your magazine that bad in the first place. But I am curious to see how long this little game of chicken will go on.

3. Which reminds me. At our last apartment, our neighbor mysteriously always received two copies of Bon Apetit every month. And this neighbor never but never picked up her mail. I swear sometimes there was like three months of mail built up in her box. I think she might have been in one of those situations where she lives with her boyfriend but keeps her own apartment as a safety net because we probably saw her like twice tops. But anyway, I decided that if she wasn’t even going to pick up one of the copies, she certainly didn’t need two. And so sometimes I would “borrow” one of them from her, fully meaning to put it back out when I was done but then they would get food spilled on them or I would drool on the page or accidentally fold over the pages of the food that made me drool. So basically I am a dirty thief and there is no way getting around it. Ted noticed my unsavory behavior and then secretly ordered me a subscription to it and don’t you think he’s just the nicest?

photo (11)

^^we’re working with day four hair here^^

4. Today I washed my hair for the first time since Monday. A couple months back, I started hearing about people doing this not washing their hair thing, most notably¬†nat the fat rat, and at first I was like-that’s nice for you guys that you like having greasy hair but I will stick to my nice clean locks thankyouverymuch. But then I noticed that I was washing my hair in the morning before work and then I would come home and work out and go wash my hair again. It was getting a little excessive. Shampoo was getting used like it was going out of style. Plus, I like a good experiment, especially if that experiment mostly just requires me to be lazier than usual. So I bought some dry shampoo and we were off. Here are the things I noticed: I thought that my hair would get more and more oily as the week went on but after day two it pretty much stayed the same until I washed it…it works better, at least for me, if my hair is curled a little bit-straightening tends to bring out the oil slick look…things are going to feel a little itchy and a little uncomfortable but the less you mess with it the better…I had a lot more time in the mornings to eat breakfast or stare blankly at the wall or whatever…we’ll see if I do it again, maybe even for longer next time, but I think I might have to invest in a different dry shampoo because i started to hate the smell of the one I have now by the end of the week.

5. It’s getting late and our house is feeling chillier than usual. Ted is asleep in bed and the hooligans are yelling outside and it’s past time for me to tuck myself under the warm covers. I am going to try to write more than one time next week. Sometimes I feel like these five things posts are stealing all my good ideas-like I can only have five thoughts per week. But that’s just silly. I really like using these posts to write about small things that would otherwise get neglected. Besides, Ted did something tonight that I am dying to share with the world wide web. Let’s just say it involves McDonalds, a banana costume, and fog machines. Oh and video footage!


3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Yes, I think an explanation is in order… cliffhanger of that nature are just rude. Also, I never imagined I would purchase a satin-lined shower cap, but dry shampoo is not without ripple effect. Enjoy all that free time!

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