Five Things Friday

1. I realized today as I was filling in the date on some report for work that today is my half birthday. Twenty-five-and-a-half, baby!


2. Last night was the wedding of Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt (on Parks and Rec for those of you sadly not in the know:)) and one of Ted’s classmates/my friend Melissa and I had a party at my house to celebrate. For dessert we made a waffle wedding cake, obviously. Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice waffles layered with vanilla bean pastry cream…yum. I don’t know why people don’t make layered waffle cakes more often.

3. Ok picture this…it’s 3 am and you are slightly roused out of sleep by your husband climbing back into bed. Two minutes later you hear three really loud, really distinct beeps. Your husband jumps back out of bed mumbling “there it goes again.” You both search the house for any alarm that could have been going off for any reason at 3 am. Move the carbon monoxide alarm into your room just in case and go back to bed. Then proceed to lie awake until four, freaking yourself out by researching what could have possibly caused those three beeps (internet consensus says…alien abduction) and convincing yourself that you are about to die from carbon monoxide poisoning. This mystery remains unsolved.

4. Don’t get me wrong…I love snow, I really do. But there is definitely something about this time of year that makes me have very fond feelings towards my memories of warm sunny vacations. Specifically this past week, I could not stop daydreaming about our honeymoon two years ago to the mexican riviera.

5. And so, here is a little trip down memory lane.

IMG_1885 IMG_1942 IMG_1984 IMG_2021

ahhh that’s better. I feel warmer already.

Bonus…the single sexiest picture of us EVER




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