Special Edition: Saturday Cinco

1. Ok so I am kind of cheating on this post, but I have a good excuse. Promise. On Thursday night aka Valentine’s Day, I was scheduled to work at JCrew because I was one of two chumps who forgot to request it off. Probably ten people walked in to the store the entire five hours I was there. It was terrible. But anyway, because I was working on V-night, we decided to celebrate yesterday instead.

2. And celebrate we did. I had the (so cute you might vomit?) idea to recreate our first date for the occasion. So first on the agenda was Indian food at the best Indian spot we’ve found so far in Rochester. (It’s pretty good but it ain’t no India Palace. Man I miss that place.) Everything we ate was really delicious, albeit strangely sweet, and they even had all their neon lights turned to red for the occasion. Como se dice AMBIANCE! I was worried that our next activity of sledding would be ruined by the rain on Thursday night that had washed away most of the snow, but genius Ted found this amphitheater area that still had some snow left. So we pretty much had to do it, party dress and icy conditions and all. I am proud to say that I kept my feet up for 90% of the ride. And then we finished off the night with my fave Annie Hall. Pretty much just like our first date, except with way more making out;)


3. Confession time…when I started reading Moby Dick, my main motivation was that I really wanted the t-shirt you see pictured above. (They actually had it in a no-hood when I started so I was a little sad to see I had missed the boat on that one.) Well, I finished the book last week and enjoyed it more than I expected. That is one crazy captain. But don’t you think I forgot about the shirt. Ordering…now.

4. Related: I now need a new (hopefully a bit lighter and more addicting) audiobook to listen to at work. So if anyone has a favorite, puuulease let me know what it is. I will probably die of boredom if you don’t.

5. I just made these and haven’t tried them yet but our house smells heavenly and I’m just barely resisting on account of IT’S ALMOST TWO IN THE MORNING. Why am I such a weird midnight baker?



2 thoughts on “Special Edition: Saturday Cinco

  1. Yum! Those look good- I might need to try those out, although I struggle with getting the right consistency for my caramels. Sounds like you had a fun V-Day, you guys are so cute 🙂 As for audiobooks- you know I mostly read YA stuff, but I listened to the The Chronicles of Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander when I was driving between St. George and Provo a bunch. It was written in the 60s and they’re probably a middle school/high school reading level, but they’re fun and entertaining. I would also recommend the Thursday Next books by Jasper Fforde (that wasn’t a typo, there really are 2 f’s). They’re adult mystery novels that are set in a parallel universe where literary works are as popular as movie stars are here. They’re quirky, unique, entertaining and I think you’d enjoy all the literary references. Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks Jo! I am checking the first Thursday Next book out right now. Also, you might be comforted to know that I cut so many corners on the brownies (I didn’t have cream or unsalted butter, my pan was too big…) and they still turned out delicious.

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