Five Things Friday: Hunkering Down Edition

photo (9)

1. I kind of love crazy weather phenomena. Obviously not the part where they can be dangerous and hurt people. But the part where we can see someone skiing down our street and take a snowy walk to a restaurant around the corner from our house and then watch our car get buried from the cozy sanctuary of our house. That part is awesome.

2.  “They have named this new Nor’easter Nemo. I am not looking for it,” wrote the actor and comedian Albert Brooks on Twitter (via the NYTimes blog)

3. Nights like this remind me of this one sleepover I had at my best friend’s house in junior high when we snuck out of her house at 3 in the morning just to walk around. I don’t know if her parents would have even cared that we were leaving, We were kind of freakishly good girls all growing up and nobody thought we would get into any real trouble. But anyway, we got a little thrill from feeling like we were sneaking out. And it was a white out and I remember being totally enchanted by the fact that it was so light that it seemed like the middle of the day, only everything was completely silent and we were the only people that existed in that weird middle of the night world.

4. Drink this to stay warm through the stormy weather. We did and we are definitely not regretting it.

5. Too bad Ted’s school didn’t schedule the ski day for this weekend instead of last Saturday. We had a really good time anyway and ended up skiing for a really full day and getting that certain wonderful kind of tired that you can only get from skiing. Even though the snow makers were blowing in our faces 75% of the time and the rest of the time it was pretty icy, it felt really good to be on a mountain.

ps…who’s proud of me for writing an entire post about the weather. can’t stop this crazytrain!


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