Five Things Friday

JCrew-Spring-2013-Runway^basically what I look like every time I work^

1. So, have I mentioned on here that I work part time at jcrew? I am so not a salesperson by nature. I feel really guilty when people spend more money than it seems like they can afford (which is easy to do at the crew.) But for some reason, I have stuck with it since last June. I think if I was going to work anywhere in retail, jcrew is pretty much the best place to do it. I work with smart, interesting, hilarious people who are doing cool stuff with their lives, I get to practice my schmoozing skills, and the music they play doesn’t make me want to damage my eardrums. Aaaaand, the discount doesn’t hurt either, I guess:).

2. After a few too many mornings of accidentally thinking we were mad at each other on the way to drop Ted off at school because both of us were too sleepy to form coherent sentences, Ted suggested something genius. Now we spend the 10 minute drive telling each other about the dreams we had the night before. Which handily accomplishes the task of giving us an easy conversation topic as well as confining our dream discussions to a set time. Because nobody wants to hear about someone else’s dreams all day.

3. And since we started doing this, we have noticed a trend with my dreams. 95 percent of the time, my dreams are straight up terrifying, although I rarely notice it while I am having them. There are a lot where I am getting murdered in gruesome ways or having to hide from someone who killed my whole family. I think Ted is starting to suspect that I am a secret psychopath. Then I will have a dream that wouldn’t normally be scary-like cutting all my hair off-and will wake up in a cold sweat and be all freaked out.

4. We are going to try out some east coast skiing tomorrow. What with it being in the low sixties earlier this week, then the windiest day of my life yesterday, I am not sure what to expect snow-wise. But we only got to go once over the break and Ted’s class was paying so skiing we will go.

5. Ted forwarded me this article this week. Totally funny but kinda makes me feel unoriginal. And I watched all of these today at work when there was no work to do.


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