Current Faves

did a favorites list last year right…here and it was fun so here we go again

1. favorite beauty products
Photo Jan 10, 10 20 49 PM

the funny/creepy thing about this one is that I didn’t even realize that I was doing it. But turns out I must have some kind of customer loyalty because every time I have needed something new the past few months, I would buy Dove. Maybe they are washing my brain along with my body? (Oh man, best joke ever!?)

2. favorite way to do my hair

Photo Jan 29, 9 28 05 PM

(I apologize if my shifty eyes are freaking you out. I am not a serial killer. Promise)

Anyway…I probably do the old bangs braid at least three days out of the week. It has prevented me from taking the kitchen scissors to my hair out of pure frustration so many times.















 favorite vegetable

Photo Jan 10, 10 22 20 PM

I had never tried brussels sprouts before and then I bought a bag of them at trader joes and ate the whole thing all by myself in three days. I ate it 2 ways…shaved and raw in a salad with nuts and parmesan and olive oil and salt or sauteed and tossed with pasta. so great.

4. favorite (luxury) appliances
Photo Jan 10, 10 21 29 PM

aka spooning with my spaceheater while I sip seltzer made by my sodastream.

5. favorite shoes

photo (8)

Every few months for the past yearish, I would get an email from Zappos saying that I had 69.90 in credit and every time I got it, I would get so excited and look around and get stuck between off brand Salt Water Sandals and Minnetonka ankle boots. I finally bit the bullet and got these Sperrys and I couldn’t be happier.


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