Five Things Friday

Photo Jan 26, 3 50 37 AM

^where teddy boy is hanging out for a few days. never thought i would be jealous of someone for being in texas

1. Well, I’m flying solo this weekend, folks. Ted has worked really hard the past year and a half at a local student run clinic and all his work paid off because he and two other students from his class got to go to a conference in San Antonio this weekend. Unfortunately, the school didn’t want to pay for a tagalong/costume designer/wife so no 70 degree weather poolside hangouts for me.

2. Which also probably means that I won’t sleep at all tonight. I am the worst chicken when it comes to sleeping alone these days. Just another item on the long list of reasons why we need a dog.

3. Hey Ryan Gosling, if you want to throw some Samoas at me, I don’t think I would mind at all.

4. My dad shared one of his recent emails from Emily with me and I am seriously so inspired by her.

“Being here on a mission gives me the chance to not have access to the devices and I truly believe that it lets us live more fully. We are attentive to the people on the street and even if we can’t talk to all of them, we look into their eyes and say hello and think of them as a son or daughter of God. When I walk around listening to headphones, or even just absorbed with telling my companion a story, I can’t have that special experience. Yesterday we were at the house of some older people who I have been invited to a few times, they are 85 and his family has lived in the house he is in for 100 years. When we first got there, the tea and cookies were still in the process and the wonderful wife was busy, so I talked with the husband who is a concert pianist. I asked him who his favorite composers were and he said, Mozart, Haydn, Brahms, Schubert, Beethoven (I was so pleased to know something from each of them and to be able to have a conversation about it, thank you college!) and I told him that I loved the 2nd piano concerto by Rachmaninov, so he asked me how I felt about Tchaikovsky’s concerto and I have never heard it, so he started it up, loud. His wife came in and told him off a little that it was too loud and unpleasant for us, but he just smiled like a little boy taking part in a true pleasure, and then sat on the couch and we sat in chairs and just listened. And I felt the spirit so strong in that moment. The music was fantastic and connected with me in a real way. There were absolutely no distractions, so I looked at the stained glass windows and how the light reflected through and how the snow was settling on the branches, I watched his face as he enjoyed this old friend, I saw the pictures on the wall of his children and the love of this family and the things that mean so much to them. And mostly I just listened and felt peace and felt really really loved.

And it has led to a few conclusions about how I want my life to be. I never want to give my labors for that which does not satisfy. I want to make friends with people of all ages and have real experiences that take time and effort and show my love in specific and practical ways. I want to listen to the best of music and seek to understand the unknown and pay attention to the fact that real things edify and unreal things distract and pull us away from God. I want to love my family and retain a childlike enjoyment of real pleasure. I want to invite lonely foreigners off the street and give them tea and listen to their stories and be open to loving all people, of all shapes and sizes and descents.”

Right?! Because of this I have tried all week to be less plugged in, to leave my mind free to think things through and make connections. It is definitely still a work in progress for me.

5. And finally: this. I spent most of this evening trying to make blood orange custard bars to deliver to some friends and after squeezing the juice out of 5 oranges and leaving the comforts of my house to buy more eggs (this recipe called for 16! should’ve tipped me off) and driving around the completely deserted ice rink like streets to the oddly empty grocery store they…were a complete failure. Can’t win em all.


4 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Love Emily’s insights!
    And one of Maggie’s friends loves reading your blog – I don’t think you even know her. Keep entertaining the world!

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