Christmas with you is the best


We had a pretty great christmas season this year and stayed so busy that I didn’t really get the chance to write about any of it. So here’s what we did.

Photo Dec 16, 11 45 32 PM Photo Dec 16, 11 47 24 PM

I helped some of Ted’s classmates make a gingerbread house for a contest they had at school. This guy was not messing around. 100% edible (although I wouldn’t recommend it) and first prize winning. It only took us two 5+ hour nights.



We attended the most fun concert of my life-The Surfjohn Stevens Christmas SingA-Long. Seasonal Affective Disorder Yuletide Disaster Pageant On Ice aka Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas concert. Everyone was dressed in their hipster christmas finest, blow up santa clauses were floating around the amazing former-church venue, we spun the wheel of christmas to decide which carol to sing together and sufjan at one point dressed in a gigantic unicorn costume made of balloons. And he even played Casimir Pulaski Day, probably my favorite of his songs. Totally worth getting home from Buffalo after 2 am on a school night.



IMG_0335 IMG_0327

We flew home to Salt Lake through a snow storm and got to spend a couple days with my family who drove down for the weekend. Skiing, beautiful skiing at Canyons (where Ted and I got engaged.) Cooking Sunday dinner for 30ish members of my extended family and then devouring the spaetzle that my family’s austrian foreign exchange student made. Getting to hold my cousin’s beautiful baby. Talking to aunts, uncles, cousins  who I barely ever get to see. Sneaking off to a little room for our immediate family mini-Christmas.

IMG_0349 IMG_0353 IMG_0357 IMG_0360 IMG_0366

We got to spend a fun busy week with the Rysers. Working out with all the cool kids at the sports mall on christmas eve. Eating at all the chain restaurants that we miss. Snowy runs around Holladay, Les Miserables, visiting old friends and even having sleepovers with some, the traditional Ryser white elephant and cousins game night. Giving and opening presents. Discussing conference talks and hearing all the great insights of the Rysers.


And then there was getting to talk to Emily on Christmas Day. Best gift ever! Ted figured out how to do three-way skype calls so we could all see each other while we talked. She is happy and healthy and just a sight for sore eyes.


We left Salt Lake at midnight and didn’t get back here until noon the next day. And here to greet us was a completely snowed-in car in our friend’s driveway. Welcome home!


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