Five Things Friday


1. It’s a new year and so I decided to try something new in regards to this blog. Now, in addition to my sporadic-whenever-the-heck-I-feel-like-it posts, I will share five random thoughts or links or pictures on Friday. Get it got it good.

2. This week, Ted and I started the insanity workout dvds (you know…resolutions…) Oy. This morning when I woke up, my legs would barely move. And we only did the fitness test. I am so in for it.

3. I was recently brought to tears of hilarity by this rather unfortunate birth story and now you can be too!

4. At my aunt and uncle’s home in Utah, they have a basket of a small cutting from the bottom of each Christmas tree they have had since they got married. I thought this was the coolest tradition and the other day before Ted took our tree out to the curb, he cut us a little souvenir of our own (pictured above.)

5. Speaking of…it has been really nice to have an extra week before school starts for Ted. That Christmas tree I was talking about, it was on the curb when I got home from work and the house was all vacuumed and the laundry was done and…suffice it to say that I am feeling very spoiled



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