Christmas in our Hood

Our neighborhood (affectionately referred to as “the swedge”) had a holiday street fest the other day, and oh boy am I glad we went.

Photo Dec 13, 11 46 54 AM

Freebies from lots of the restaurants on our street including free sipping chocolate from an amazing chocolate shop and blue cheese and gouda from the new cheese shop that is opening less than a block away from our house (and ohmygosh I am in so much trouble!) as well as discounts…Ted got a huge burrito from our favorite Mexican place for two bucks and I tried my first ever (vegetarian) poutine from one of the many food carts.

Photo Dec 13, 11 53 38 AM

There was an arts and crafts market set up in our tiny park-we were most impressed by the guy who created dozens of different figurines out of pipe cleaners. Sleigh rides, it’s a wonderful life on loop, make you own smores, crazy hula hoop dance performance…

Photo Dec 13, 11 50 55 AMPhoto Dec 13, 11 51 58 AM

I think the best way to sum up the holidays in our neighborhood was when we crouched next to Santa for a picture and he said “it’s okay, you can sit on my lap. my boyfriend won’t mind.”


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