Top Searches


Every once in a while I like to read over the top search items that have led people to click on my blog. There was an especially good crop lately (along with the elise rysers, ted rysers, and a surprising amount of people searching for nightmares…) and I thought it was too good not to share.

There are some people looking for advice. Such as, “least scary road from keystone to custer city,” “can you bring weed on a plane from newark to st. thomas,” “bowling stance,” “would a hillbilly girl wear leggings with shorts,” (clearly I am attracting many for my fashion savvy) and my favorite… “what to wear to iron maiden concert.” I KNEW there were other people having the same dilemma as me. I’m afraid I wasn’t much help to them though. Someone searched “elise. theodore. elodore,” which I think might be a suggestion for my future child’s name? thank you?

There’s the delightful gibberish. Among various Russian phrases, I have “east grand canyon me,” “elise pilot virgin,” and “elise just think of phone is my travel.”

Other keepers include “christian bookshelves,” “shopping cart covered in zebra mussels,” “topburn en lechugas,”( en ingles por favor?) “he’s on caroline street,”(creepy!) and “haunted door knob.”

This is the reason I make my blog searchable, people. Keep em coming and keep me laughing.


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