A Black Friday in Toronto

Somehow I was able to get the day after Thanksgiving off from both of my jobs and Ted had just finished a huge test and had nothing currently to study, so…we packed up the old Mazda and headed Canada-wards. It is pretty cool that we can drive for about an hour and a half and be in a different country. Not that anything is that different just because you cross the border, but every once in a while you can catch a glimpse of a kilometers/hour sign or something written in french and feel all exotic for a minute.

We found a place in Toronto through a cool website called airbnb where people rent out rooms of their houses for way cheaper than hotels. In the house where we stayed, there were also 3 girls from Barcelona who had been there for two weeks already and who showed us how to use public transportation and told us about some of their favorite things to see downtown. Unfortunately, two of the permanent residents of the house were of the feline persuasion who tried to get into our bed at any chance they got and yowled at random intervals throughout the night. You definitely lose some of the sanitary privacy of a hotel when you stay in someone’s (cozy) attic, but I feel like it was worth it for the extra local experience and money saved.

As we walked around downtown Toronto that night, we kept noticing festive groups of people wearing unfamiliar jerseys and then we started seeing whole streets shut down and filled with news crews and people giving out samples and mini football fields and signs for something called the grey cup…we looked it up later and it turns out Canada’s superbowl was going on that night. So we got some samples and enjoyed having the touristy parts of the city all to ourselves because everyone else was at the game haha.

IMG_0219Our view of where the cat perched for half the night.

IMG_0199We went up the top of the CN tower which was way cooler than I thought it would be. At the top we kept feeling like we were spinning and I kept almost falling over until we got used to being 1,136 feet in the air. Stepping on to the glass floor was surprisingly hard at first so you feel like you’re being really adventurous. Ted made me lay on it facedown for like 15 minutes while he tried to photograph me to his satisfaction and the entire time I kept feeling like the floor was going to shatter beneath me. So…did I make it sound completely not fun? You’ll just have to trust me that it was.







I completely neglected to take any pictures of this area we walked around in called Kensington Market, but my favorite part was a thrift store we went in to that had the most random categories of clothes-a whole wall for hudson bay coats and one for sequined ball gowns and another for plaid flannel work shirts. After some Indian food that was a very welcome difference from all the Thanksgiving gluttony the day before, we walked around the shopfronts on Queen Street and ended up in a big decked out mall which was luckily connected to a subway station because we were about to freeze our faces off.

The next day, we said goodbye to our Barcelonian housemates and after a stop at a beautiful wild park and a bustling food market, we were on our way back home so I could make it to work. It ended up being a really quick trip, but a welcome getaway from everyday life and chance to relax and explore together.




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