Giving Thanks


This November I am grateful for family. For a husband that doesn’t think I’m totally crazy when I randomly outburst things like “I hear he used to have a conSULting business in indoNEsia!” as I do quite often (we had a bit of a tom waits kick earlier this year) and who always makes me feel at home wherever I am. For his brothers and sisters who took me in like one of their own. For his sweet parents who always remember the things that are important to us and who we have gotten to spend Thanksgiving with for the past two years. For a sister who is working her heart out halfway around the world to bring light and love and truth to the German people. For my genius brother who my mom tells me is the one who alerts the family when I have posted something on here. And for my youngest brother for always making me laugh and being so darn lovable. For my parents who have given me such a good example of a loving and enduring marriage among countless other things.

This year we are spending the holiday without the comfort of our families around us. There will be no Emily making the cranberry sauce or mother to endlessly consult when a recipe she has used for years is a bit vague. There will be no hike through the frosty Boise foothills to work up an appetite for dinner. We definitely won’t get to spend it going on rides through Hogsmeade with the Rysers as we did two years ago (a break from tradition, to be sure, but a most enjoyable one at that).

And so, this year, we will wake up early to do the Turkey Trot and then I will make the Worsley butter-horn rolls and Ted will make his mashed potatoes and we will take them to our friends’ house, bravely forging new traditions together while still holding on to some from before. We will miss our families, but be grateful for the convenience of phones and of airplanes that will bring us together at Christmas. And I think I will copy my mama’s idea of putting a picture of all the family members I’m missing in the kitchen. You know, to keep me company while I’m cooking.

PS…Christmas music! Starting tomorrow!


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