Halloween Report, over and out



Scary movies watched, causing me to not sleep a wink the whole night after: 5 (rosemary’s baby, guys. don’t do it.)

Teepee’s full of jack-o-lantern’s visited: 1

Pumpkins carved during a bonafide frankenstorm: 2

Days after Halloween it took me to finally finish carving my pumpkin: 4

Number of flies on said pumpkin when I finally threw it out: 12 bajillion

Costumes worn by each of us: 2 (Ted’s banana takes the cake, don’t you think?)(I was a…dead queen? lazy girl who just grabbed random costume items from the attic…ding ding ding.)

Parties thrown so that we would have somewhere to wear our costumes on the 31st and an excuse to cook cutesy “bones and blood” and “beastly beans with mango salsa in a cheddar cheese cup”: 1… with my supercool friend Libby who fully embraced the cutesy halloween concept when decorating her house for the party AND made an amazing pumpkin cake among other delicious treats.

OK, November. Feel free to proceed now.


5 thoughts on “Halloween Report, over and out

  1. And who carved the awesome pumpkin in the first picture dear dead queen? It is a classic. It definitely looks like a fun holiday as all Halloweens should be. (I can’t watch the the scary movies. Unless it’s “Wait Until Dark” of course.)

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