Grilled Cheese Partay

Real Talk:

I love cooking, but friends, I am terrible at dinner parties. Honestly. I consider it one of my greatest flaws.

It always seems fine when all I need to do is slice up some veggies and put the chicken in the oven and make a salad, but then suddenly I’m in a sea of chaos aka the kitchen dripping with sweat and nothing is going to be ready on time and dishes and food particles are everywhere and the smoke alarm is going off and people are coming and no ted I don’t need any help, oKAY? I think my main problem is my tendency to overcommit. I always need everything to be so darn fancy.

So you can imagine my surprise and delight when we had the missionaries over for dinner a mere hour and a half after church ended yesterday and half an hour before they were supposed to be here the food was on the table, the DISHES were in the DISHWASHER for goodness sake and ted and I were talking pleasantly. I was actually freaking out a little bit that everything was so calm.

And the reason for all this calmness…we decided to do a grilled cheese bar with spicy tomato soup for dinner. It was simple and cozy, but I still got to indulge my fancy side with caramelized onions and fresh mozzarella, with white pizza paninis and kalamata olives.

My favorite combinations go like this…

Grownup Grilled Cheese

sourdough bread, brushed with a little butter

sharp cheddar


caramelized onions


White Pizza Panini

ricotta mixed with fresh herbs (parsley, basil, oregano), garlic (small clove), salt and pepper and olive oil

bread brushed with olive oil and rubbed with garlic

ricotta spread on both pieces of bread

fresh mozzarella and parmesan

(Ted was all about the apple, onion, turkey, tomato, cheddar, spinach combo.)


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