Caped Creepers and other Cemetery Goodness


Last October, we heard about this super cool cemetery tour that they do around Halloween and decided to get tickets. What we actually got tickets for was a very expensive walk down a busy road outside the cemetery and ghost stories straight from wikipedia and our tour guide’s delusions. The cherry on top was when the caped “tour” guide demonstrated her discussion with a ghost using a divining rod.

Whoops. This year we did it right and it was so much better. Have I already talked about the cemetery? I’m kind of obsessed. It’s almost 200 acres of rolling hills and winding paths and big old trees. We always think it’s kind of funny that the huge cemetery is right across the street from the hospital. Morbid…but convenient.

The tour followed torch lined paths past the graves of several of the more notable figures and some with more gruesome stories. Susan B. Anthony’s grave is smaller than you would think. The most memorable story for me was one he told us about a man who killed his brother-in-law because he was having an incestuous relationship with his sister and the bro-in-law found out. They lured him to the top of a waterfall downtown and hit his head and pushed him off. Unfortunately for them, his body got caught on a ledge and they had to jump down to where he was so they could push him the rest of the way down into the river. First, the brother jumped down and broke his arm. His sister then tried to help but she broke her wrist in the fall. They were spotted by police because of all the commotion and he was later hung. Scandalous, eh?

Oh and this year, I was the weirdo in a cape. We had just come from a Halloween party where I was little red riding hood and I didn’t bring any kind of coat so I wore my cloak for the tour. I really wish cloaks were socially acceptable to wear normally because that thing is warm and beautiful. But all the askance glances I got on the tour assured me that they remain firmly in the realm of the hard-core-nerds-only.

PS, you know what word is consistently hard for me to spell correctly? Cemetery. I always want to sneak an A in there

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2 thoughts on “Caped Creepers and other Cemetery Goodness

  1. Creepy! I totally feel your pain about capes- Jen made me an awesome billowy one in high school and sadly it has sat in the back of my closet for most of its life. Maybe if you start working on the east coast and I start working over here we can make capes happen! 🙂

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