Ted grew up watching The Simpsons with his family. Me-not so much. I had never seen an episode until about a year ago, and was pretty averse to the whole idea. But then a funny thing happened. We started watching the treehouse of horror episodes last year before Halloween and I kinda liked them despite myself. I got so excited when I would pick up on the (almost non-stop) references, especially the ones to old movies. One weekend night, we were trying to pick a movie to watch (cause we’re cool like that) and I offhandedly suggested The Simpson’s Movie but Ted was all-no, you won’t appreciate it until you’ve seen way more episodes. And gradually, it became our routine.  Sometime on Sunday, we curl up on the couch and watch for half an hour. Always one from seasons 4-9. Because, you know, it’s important to have traditions:)

PS …The best Simpson character hands down is Lisa. I want to be like Lisa Simpson when I grow up.

PPS…silliest blog post ever, over and out.


2 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. This. is. sooo. funny! I grew up on the Simpson’s haha. I can still remember getting excited to see what new way they would end up on the couch in the beginning. I think I may get Jace into this. Just so he can understand what I mean when I say someone looks like Millhouse or Sideshow Bob… haha! Come to Cleveland!

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