Warning: Run-On’s Ahead

Yesterday I tried really hard to not go on a run. Well first I tried to go on one but then my brain was all-must clean kitchen and room and eat just a little snack andnow must digest said snack and surf the internet and now i’m done digesting but must finish surfing interwebs and now must find sneaks and they are at bottom of messy closet so must clean closet and ooh nail polish must have midnight in moscow nails asap and now i better just watch a youtube video or 7 while i tie my sneaks but i can’t tie them until nails are dry and oh no it’s getting dark out i might get stabbed and should i probably just forget the whole run thing and go to the grocery store instead and… You know, standard crazy brain stuff. But then I forced my crazylazy brain out the door and it was just that perfect time of day at the end of the summer where it’s just a little chilly and not quite dark yet so everyone is playing with their kids out in the front yard and taking their dogs on walks (jealous) and the leaves are just begging to be crunched. It was so perfect, in fact, that I didn’t even mind when I went down the wrong street and ended up going on a longer run than I originally intended.

And predictably, it made me feel 10 times better about myself as a person and 15 times happier than when I started. If only I could convince that sneaky lazybrain of that fact next time I’m trying not to go running.


6 thoughts on “Warning: Run-On’s Ahead

  1. And your sneaks were still muddy and you wanted to eat another black bean burger and the leaky gas in the oven makes you sleepy and I can think of lots of excuses. I’m good at stalling because these battles occur constantly with me too.

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