One of the many things I love about Fall

There’s just something about Fall that makes me want everything to be a little bit mysterious. Last year, I went running through the cemetery a lot this time of year and got a little thrill whenever I saw a grave tipped over or a circle of candles left behind. Recently on a walk through the park, Ted and I saw a swingset eerily moving back and forth with no one else in sight.

It’s not that I want something scary to happen, exactly. I mean, I’m sure if my real life was less than completely safe, I might not be as excited to see mystery in little everyday occurrences  But there is something alluring and strangely cozy about feeling the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. Something that makes me want to read mysteries and find places like that one driveway in the foothills above Boise where you park your car downhill and are mysteriously pushed back up to the main road and watch weird Australian movies about people dissappearing into thin air and listen to Tom Waits.

Recently I found it in this article about a school nearby where out of nowhere a few teenage girls started having uncontrollable twitching and it spread to more girls in the school. Even if it is “just” mass hysteria, something about the fact that it is unexplained is completely fascinating to me. (Also, coincidentally, Ted is learning all about this stuff in class right now.)


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