Second Annual Workshop Extravaganza

Last year when my mom visited, we found some abandoned wood on the side of the road and made it into furniture. It was so fun, we decided to make it a tradition. This year we found an old window in our attic (pssst…don’t tell my landlord) and made it into a coffee table. My mom is so good at seeing the potential in things that other people-including me sometimes-would just see as junk.


(Why yes, those are my woodworking clothes. And what of it?)

Since I have a job this year, my mama had a lot of free time + no car during the days. But instead of just being bored, she made something awesome. And I helped a little bit too:) I am so excited about how it turned out.

Let me just tell you one more thing. This lady has some serious jigsaw skillz! It is very impressive and only slightly terrifying when she grasps a small block of wood in one hand and runs it through the blade that she is holding in the other. Or makes me sit on the end of the wood while she cuts it towards me. I’ve come a long way with power tools from when I was scared of the vaccuum cleaner but I’m not sure I’ll ever be quite that ballsy.


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