Niagara=Mini Vegas, Watkins Glen=Mini Rivendell, Toronto=Not Miniature at All

My mama came to town this weekend and we celebrated being together again by being as impulsive as possible. We impulsively decided to go to Niagara Falls Saturday morning and then we impulsively decided to continue on to Toronto and then we impulsively rented bikes without telling the credit card company that we were in Canada and you know how credit card companies feel about impulsivity (And also border patrols. My mom forgot her passport and on the way into Canada, they were so nice about her drivers license+copy of passport that my brother scanned and sent to us that we figured we would have no problem getting back. Wrong. The border patrol guy was a HUGE jerk, yelled at me when I pulled up after stopping at one stop sign, then when I didn’t pull up after the next one, chewed us out about how we were breaking the law, went into his little booth to call his supervisor to ask if he could arrest us and got even more mad when he couldn’t do anything. He seriously needed to retire or take a good look at his life choices because he clearly was not a happy man) Anyway… On Sunday, we kept the fun going by heading up to meet up with my aunt and uncle and cousins in Watkins Glen right after church. By the end of it all, we were so exhausted, we considered going to this (JUST KIDDING, you could not pay me enough money to participate in that creepiness. We just found it advertised in the local paper and it was too good not to share.) But it really was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time and is totally worth feeling a little bit tired today at work. How cool is my mama for being totally on board with our adventures all over Western New York and Canada? I’m so excited we still have a week left to hang out and work on projects!



3 thoughts on “Niagara=Mini Vegas, Watkins Glen=Mini Rivendell, Toronto=Not Miniature at All

    1. We had a great time! My sister Susan has a golden doodle, MacDuff. Cooper’s cousin? Can’t wait for Elise to show you the table!

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