Wie Gehts, Berlin


Being in Berlin was kind of a shock after all the Mediterranean living we had been doing and I kind of didn’t know how I felt about it at first, but it ended up being one of my favorites too.

Berlin highlights: arriving in Berlin after the last train to our apartment left, so at 2 am, we all were walking down the cobblestone streets, hauling our rolling bags and stopping at a grocery store for freezer pizza and chocolate, going to a really cool museum about the DDR, seeing the wall and some bombed out churches, getting some great history lessons from Randy who is like the history guru of the world, the amazing apartment we stayed in and the pastry shop right next door, taking a field trip one day to a castle grounds where there were six different castles in different nationalities and themes, eating a traditional german dinner with one of Maggie’s converts (Spaetzle! Apfel Strudel!) making crepes for everyone and having an epic games tournament, the festive area where we shopped around at street carts and watched tourists get conned into paying to get inside a large plastic ball in a pool of water and stumble around in front of the crowd.

In Berlin, everyone bikes, and since it is my firm belief that the best way to see a city is by bicycle, I was itching to join them ever since we got there. The last day I got my wish and we went on a bike ride along the river, and it was the perfect ending to our trip.


2 thoughts on “Wie Gehts, Berlin

  1. Thank you for being our tour guide. I have enjoyed your trip reports and am happy that you were all able to have such a wonderful adventure together. Berlin looks like a terrific city to visit, but I would particularly like it with Randy to provide the historical perspective. Wunderbar!

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