Me Encanta Espana

Spain highlights: meeting up with Katy, Randy, and Nick in San Sebastian, riding bikes along the beach, taking a funicular up to what we thought was an old castle on a hill but what turned out to be a quirky amusement park, eating at a really fancy restaurant in San Sebastian old town, all the cool street art in Bilbao, shopping with my brother-in-law (homeboy’s got style!), hiking around a beautiful old mountain monastery above Barcelona, staying right around the corner from the Sagrada Familia so whenever we went to the metro we saw the amazing church, going to a flamenco show in the coolest building, mastering the metro system, all the crazy pets for sale on las ramblas (miniature turtles and chipmunks) and all the crazy food in la boqueria, being all together, getting to cook for everyone, outdoor escalators, hanging out in Parque Guell on Sunday afternoon, walking through a courtyard full of pigeons and old people hanging out on benches and having the obvious but undeniable impression that “I’m totally and completely in Europe,” seeing the magic fountains at Montjuic, exploring the amazing Casa Battlo, fantasizing about moving to Barcelona so I can see it all again a million times


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