Birthday Month 2012

My birthday is at the end of August and Ted’s is the beginning of September and a couple of his family members also have birthdays during that time, so we tend to treat it like one big birthday month. Not like we combine our celebrations or anything practical like that. Ted would probably be fine with sharing, but I enjoy having my own celebration far too much.

This year, my mom filled Ted in on our weird family tradition that I think came from my dad’s Welsh or Scottish or maybe Irish (I’m a little unclear on this point) heritage. The tradition started out that you get woken up on your birthday by your loving family members smearing butter on your nose. My family decided that butter was too gross and that whipped cream would be way better. Ted, the maverick, decided to continue with the innovation so I was lucky enough to wake up this year to a lovely spoonful of sour cream. In my eye. Thanks Teddy!  He more than made up for it the rest of the day…breakfast complete with a blooming tea flower, biking to school so I could sleep in, taking off a whole day of studying to bake me a peach cobbler(!) taking me out to greek food, planning a party with friends, and adding to my manly presents haul (this year I got a barbecue grill, a staple gun, a nail gun, and a power sander haha.)

I celebrated Ted’s birthday by spending 4 hours making a banana caramel cake, putting it in the oven, peeking in the oven to check on it, and then spilling 2 out of 3 partially baked layers all over the kitchen, the inside of the oven, and my body. Poor Ted came home to his crazy wife sitting in a puddle of batter sobbing. So not my finest moment. But I bucked up and made two more cakes even though Ted kept assuring me that he was fine with just one layer, and everything worked out and was pretty darn delicious in my humble opinion. So, happy birthday to my wonderful, patient, best 27 year old in the world. xoxo

ps here is the cake recipe I used.


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