Happy Labor Day!

We took it literally and spent most of the day doing manual labor. Sanding, staining, stapling, (I was going to add screwing too, but umm…) And it was one of the best kinds of days. I love working together on projects with Ted and I am so excited to finish these particular ones!

Also, I’ve been working on recapping our amaze Europe trip and I am pleased to announce that I kept it under the 2,000 word count this time. I must admit that I’m pretty proud of my restraint. I think a lot of my writing energy lately has been going towards writing to my sister who is serving a mission for our church and is currently in Pforzheim, Germany right now. Love that girl!

So in the spirit of restraint, I will not subject this post to a full account of our travel woes getting out of Rochester but I will tell you that we ended up getting stuck in NYC for a day on the way to Rome and it ended up being SO FUN. We got to wander around Central Park and eat bahn mi sandwiches in the East Village AND we got to run into the Rysers at the airport. Thank you Delta airlines.


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