Back to the Ushe…

How is it even possible that it’s halfway through August already? And Ted is back in school and there’s no more gallivanting off to the far reaches of the globe to look forward to? Ah well, at least it’s almost fall aka the best season ever!

Here are some things we have been up to lately…

Sunday evening walks around our supercool neighborhood. That barbershop pictured above is where ted goes now and they have free roaming turtles just wandering around your feet while you get your hair cut.

Furniture restoration projects continue. We now have one chair and one table stained the right color and we are loving having somewhere nice to eat. Almost as much as I love working on them. If only I could do that for a job…


And making delicious zucchini corn cilantro/tomato arugula pizzas on my new birthday grill (sorry mom, I had to open it early so it wouldn’t get rained on. it is so so awesome)! Also having backyard barbecues with all our friends and all their babies last night which we unfortunately completely forgot to document.

xoxo, Elise




One thought on “Back to the Ushe…

  1. Love that place! Just saw Katelyn Westergard and she asked about you and was so excited you are in Rochester. She said it’s the best…

    Also, the chairs are amazing! Love the shape and style and the after pictures! Very cool!

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