Family BVI Vacay Part VI: and that about wraps it up, folks

Foor our last full day on the boat, we got to sail again over to Peter Island. The three best places to be while sailing are: 3. lying on the very front of the boat with your face off the edge 2. in the captain’s chair and 1. on the seat on the very front of the boat. The last option was probably my favorite. The waves feel huge and it’s almost like being on that boat ride that they have at every fair and amusement park. Except with no seatbelt.

It was our last chance for snorkeling so we had to get that out of our system a little and then we headed up to Peter Island to see what it was like. We landed on shore and found the strangest collection of old junk-chairs, clothing, a machete, and strangely enough $10. We followed the path that started at the beach, past the house of a blind man named conrad who paints and sells conch shells, and finally to the fanciest resort I have ever seen. We felt very out of place there in our swimsuit cover up and with people under the age of 18. This was not a family friendly locale, people. And yet, everyone was super nice to us, even though it was obvious that we weren’t paying to be there. We walked through the resort to their super nice beach called deadman’s bay, and played in the water for a while, used their showers(!)-a relief after trying really hard to conserve the tanks of water on the ship, then walked back to our dinghy, stopping to buy a shell from conrad with the money we found on the beach.

The day before, Christian had learned the joy that was getting to drive the dinghy and after that, he pretty much didn’t want to do anything else. As he was driving it back to the ship, he said “mom, i think i found my talent.” Can you imagine the thrill of getting to drive when you are just 11. He honestly was better at driving it than I was.

We had a late night cannonball contest off the boat and ted taught us all the way of the jackknife and we swam around in the moonlight. My mom got to do some painting and we attempted to finish off the last of the groceries that we had on the boat. Emily made one of her peach smoothies that we had grown accustomed to having every night (i miss those amazing smoothies) and we read and played rook. Everything was beautiful and relaxing, but felt a little bittersweet because we knew that soon we would have to leave Star Eyes and not all be together anymore.

We had an early morning sail back to moorings, got back on the ferry where we practiced our bequais impressions (favorite bequais-isms: Ex-cellent snorkeling mon, lo-cal flavor, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, she husband, he was very wicked, i’m probably forgetting some.) And then all of a sudden we were on our way home, back flying in that tiny plane (this time I got to sit in the copilot seat. oh joy.)

ps yeesh sorry there are so many pictures of me me me. i guess that’s what happens when you’re married to the main documenter of the trip.


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