Family BVI Vacay Part V: In Which We Explore Jost Van Dyck and Discuss The Proverbial Canteen


This trip was especially significant to me because it was the last time I would see my sister before she leaves for her 18 month mission in the alps. We shared a room for 10 years and are just the best of friends. And it ended up being the perfect last hurrah for us. We got to do so much talking and bonding and just relaxing together.


Ok so anyway, we took the dinghy up to shore the next morning to have breakfast at caine garden bay.  The food was great and we got to watch these amazing birds (i think they were pelicans) dive bombing the water while we ate.  This bay had probably the coolest town out of everywhere we stopped-most places were just a restaurant and beach-so we went on a little walk after breakfast. Next stop was the island of Jost Van Dyck. We all took different transportation to get to the famous soggy dollar bar. William and Christian swam as is traditional, Ted and I took the sea kayak, my mom dad and Emily rode the paddle boards. We figured that we had to partake of the virgin painkillers-the famous drink of that island  (they were delicious, did not kill any pain.)


At the harbor where we stopped for the night, there was a restaurant called Sydney’s Peace and Love that we all kind of decided was our favorite even though all I ordered was a little bowl of soup. It was just so charming and all the people that lived and worked there made us feel like family. We went up a little early to place our orders and look at t-shirts and ended up doing some graffiti on the ceiling. Now our love is there forever, or at least until a hurricane comes and blows off the roof.




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