Family BVI Vacay Part IV: Baths! Scuba! Ted! Monkey Face!

Bequais was adamant that we get started early on Tuesday because the place we were going was very popular and there was a ferry from the US Virgin Islands that brought day-trippers over. We moored our boat in the harbor and snorkeled all the way up to shore. From the beach, there was a trail that lead into a series of connected caves called “the baths,” because sea water would come in during high tide and create beautiful clear pools all throughout the caves. I seriously wanted to explore them forever, there are tunnels leading everywhere and little secret caverns you have to squeeze through tiny holes to access. When you come out on the other side, you are in Devil’s Bay, the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. Have I mentioned that the water in the Caribbean is the clearest, bluest, most perfect temperature? We swam around in the bay for hours just floating and occasionally putting on a snorkel mask to see the fish that came right up to the shore.

My thirsty mom and a melting down christian headed back to the boat with my dad while emily, will, ted and I decided to keep exploring. We followed a path that leads to beach after rocky beach with big dramatic crashing waves. After a while, we decided to head back too. Except this time as we were walking back through the baths, ted decided that he needed to find a cliff to jump off stat. The last I saw of him, he was standing on a cliff, trying to find a way out to the ocean. I took my time as I continued back to the beach and arrived there to see em and will but no ted. I think that there is no need to justify that I was a little worried at this point. I mean, my husband is a smart guy, but he also really really likes hurling himself off of high stuff into water. So will and I started back inside the caves to see if we could find what I imagined to be a broken-boned ted lying in some shallow pool, while emily waited on the beach. Eventually ted swam back to the beach, they came to find us, we lost will for a sec, found him again, ted jumped off the cliff again, and we finally started swimming back to the boat.

So we were kind of exhausted after that little adventure, but the day was just getting started. We drove the boat over to Spanishtown to meet the scuba boat for dad, ted and will and spent a little while stocking up on groceries and t-shirts on shore. I will have to convince ted to do a guest post about scuba diving (esp because there are exactly one million pictures of fish from their trip) but I know they had a really good time and saw a lionfish. After they were dropped off at the boat, we continued on to monkey point, where the rocks apparently look like a female monkey face or something, whatever, none of us could really see it. We had some excellent snorkeling there (saw squid and octopus!) and then continued on to Caine Garden Bay back on Tortola. We moored there in the huge bay full of boats and had a barbecue in the grill off the back of star eyes. Sitting on the boat, we could hear the sounds of live music playing on shore and people all around jumping off their boats and eating dinner. Christian apparently hadn’t had enough snorkeling so he did some night swimming and even Bequais jumped in. I was seriously digging on the festive island atmosphere there.


2 thoughts on “Family BVI Vacay Part IV: Baths! Scuba! Ted! Monkey Face!

  1. Thanks for chronicling our trip in such an entertaining and thoughtful manner. I am enjoying reliving the trip through your posts. Travel safe.

  2. I love your descriptions! you never told me the whole story of Ted worry! Please say Cane Garden Bay in that beautiful island accent for me…

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