Family BVI Vacay Part III: Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Main

The next day was our biggest sailing day of the trip., and also the day that I got to try my hand at driving the ship. Bequais was getting super frustrated with us because we were hanging out on the boat and didn’t really know what was going on when he needed us to help and then like all of a sudden he would need us all to be pulling ropes and hooking things and detangling the sail and he would be yelling at us in his accent and we wouldn’t know what to do. Well during one of these moments of panic, I just happened to be in the right place and so he decided that I was the only non-slacker of my family haha. He kept talking about how great it was that even though I was a woman, I knew how to work hard. Caribbean sexism aside, I could tell that he was trying to compliment me. Well I’m a sucker for backhanded sexist compliments apparently because I spent the rest of the day steering the boat and learning how to tack into the wind and how fast knots are.

We dropped our anchor that night near Beef Island at Marina Key (I’m mostly sure. The trip is kind of becoming a blur of sun and snorkeling so correct me if I’m wrong family.) After some more snorkeling (and seeing baracudas! #freakmeout), Bequais drove us in the dinghy up to shore for dinner. This was one of the cooler things about doing a trip this way. We could hang out and cook simple food on the boat for most meals and every once in a while go up to shore and get a little local flavor in the form of delicious west indian curry or jerk chicken or the awesome people who run the restaurants or what have you.


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