Family BVI VACAY Part II: In which we meet star eyes and bequais

The rest of my family’s flight plan was way worse than ours so by the time they arrived in St. Thomas, they had been traveling for a total of 33 hours, slept for a total of about 2 and eaten almost nothing. So while we were all really happy to be together, they also were a little wiped out. We took the #1 native son (degraded by many, dominated by none) ferry over to Tortola (Tortuga?!) during which we discovered that my dad had a bag of wildflower bakery cookies from the co-op in his bag…score of the century. When we finally made it to the Mooring’s office where our boat was docked, it felt like a beautiful wi-fi having, air-conditioned oasis. We had dinner that night at a little restaurant on the water (I got a cheesesteak sandwich hold the steak thanks for asking) and we got set up on our boat named star eyes and went swimming for the last time in a pool.

The next morning we woke up to the sound of Captain Bequais aka Glen Adams walking around getting everything in ship shape. It would be impossible to do this man justice with a mere blog post so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. Our captain was awesome. I think all of us were a little afraid of him from time to time and I’m pretty sure about 25% of what he said was made up, but just the caribbean-ness of him…guys I don’t even have the words.

We left the harbor a little later and headed towards Norman Island. It was a little hectic getting the boat all set, but once we were sailing it was such a glorious feeling. On the way we stopped at the Indians and The Caves, which was maybe my favorite snorkeling of the whole trip. We moored that night in Pirate’s Bight bay of Norman Island which I think was Robert Louis Stevenson’s “treasure island.”


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