Happy Fourth

(The one picture I managed to take yesterday. I think you can see where my priorities lie…)

Yesterday as I sat on my porch watching various illegal fireworks go off around my neighborhood, I tried to remember this day last year and the year before that and as far back as I can remember. There were the years when we were little and celebrated with our street, swimming in our neighbor’s pool until we were shivering like crazy despite the heat, then closing down the street by parking cars on each end and pooling all our fireworks together. Then there were the years we went camping at Redfish Lake with the Sullivans. There were always plenty of people running around that campground and a lot to do, riding our bikes to the lodge where cute hippie boys would slack line and play guitar, jumping off the end of the dock into the perfectly freezing water and riding the massive rope swing back in the forest. And of course there was always the charmingly lackluster fireworks show performed by the man we dubbed ‘one armed Pete.’

After that I spent a fourth up in McCall with my family and some family friends. The next summer I was in Provo so I went to visit my aunt and uncle in Lehi. My uncle David had a stockpile of fireworks from Wyoming that were sufficient to bring the cops to their street. 2008 was the year my whole family ditched me and I fell asleep before the firework show started. The next two years were spent on the incredible hike through the Subway slot canyon in Zion’s with Ted and his family and last year we were in McCall with my family again.

This year was a little different. It must be illegal in New York to buy fireworks or something because there were none of the usual roadside stands and so we didn’t do fireworks this year, not even a single pop-it. Light a sparkler for me, y’all! But we still had a good time, barbecuing with friends in their backyard and barely managing not to wilt and playing games until we started hearing loud booms from the fireworks display downtown.

Happy Happy Fourth to you all and God Bless America!



One thought on “Happy Fourth

  1. Hi Elise! Despite the risk of coming across as a creepy stalker, I wanted to let you know that I’m a blogger too and came across your blog recently. I’ve loved reading about your adventures and wanted to let you know that I’m also a lover of Gilmore Girls, have had moments where the music I’m listening to makes me feel like I’m in a movie, and can share in the “are-you-old-enough-to-take-the-airplane-emergency-exit-row” situation (it happened to me on our honeymoon, not to mention the time when I was at Friendly’s for ice cream for my bachelorette party and the waitress thought I was dressed up for a play with the middle schoolers who were also there). If nothing else, I can share in the many experiences with our lovely house on Caroline Street. Our apartment wasn’t decorated until 8 months later due to having to schedule a time with our wonderful landlord so he could hang everything up himself (p.s. he’ll suggest where things will look best). I had to laugh when you said everything was falling apart, because after we moved in, the same thing happened. We felt like we were calling him constantly! Anyway, this is the longest comment to say I enjoy your blog and writing style!

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