…we are up to our knees in boxes unpacking at our new house. But I missed my little blog pal, so I am taking a break from it all to say hey. I am really excited to share some pictures and even videos hopefully once we’re settled. For now, here what moving day around here looked like:


Here I am guarding our furniture while I wait for the cavalry to return with the rest of our stuff. Our new landlord saw me sitting on our cushionless couch on the curb and apparently decided that it was too good a picture to pass up. I kept trying to smile and he kept telling me to pretend that I was texting haha. It was a hot, sweaty day, and thank goodness for the amazing friends and missionaries who helped us move in, because that dresser…no way were Ted and I going to be able to get that up the stairs on our own.

Ok, better dive back into some boxes,

xoxo Elise



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