The Grand Canyon of the East?!

Since we moved here, there are a few things that we have heard a lot about…the local grocery store, Wegman’s, garbage plates (a disgusting concoction of macaroni salad, beans, home fries, hot dogs, hamburgers, and grilled cheese all smothered in meat sauce) and Letchworth state park, aka the grand canyon of the east.

If you’re going on size alone, then Letchworth is a little underwhelming compared to the actual Grand Canyon. But it’s definitely got Arizona beat for green growing things and there were plenty of promising hikes and waterfalls and people with dogs for me to make friends with. Other than Ted’s allergy attack, it was a great way to spend our memorial day.

Ice cream bars were a big highlight of the day. Did I mention it was in the eighties and oh so humid?

Oh, and by the way, I wasn’t kidding around about the allergy attack. Poor guy was sneezing in ninety percent of the pictures taken that day…

That’s better!


3 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon of the East?!

  1. Gorgeous place! I love your pictures and now am totally craving a garbage plate…based on your descripton:)

  2. Poor Ted. I SO know the feeling I see in his eyes. And we love Letchworth Falls! We have a picture of the kids in front of a koi pond there that reminds me of Michael Scott. We have a “Grand Canyon of the East” in Pennsylvania too. 😉

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