The Past While, In Food

I made these fancy little numbers for a baby shower that the med school class threw for our friend Libby. They are puff pastry topped with lemony-sweetened goat cheese and a blackberry, baked to toasty perfection, and then garnished with a spicy arugula leaf. These are crowd pleasers, people. If you want to take something to a party that will earn you a lot of praise, based on looks alone, bring these.  Full recipe over here. The only change I would make is that rather than marinating the blackberries in balsamic (it made me really sad because they are so delicious plain) I would make a balsamic reduction to drizzle over the top of the finished product.

Broiled grapefruit is the way to eat grapefruit, man. I got my (super unhealthy) recipe from Williams Sonoma, here, and unfortunately they are totally right about the butter. Just call it dessert instead of breakfast and you’re good, right?

So, maybe I have a slight obsession with Jewish food and the carbohydrates they entail. I have pretty well knocked out Deb’s Jewish section on smitten kitchen. The top picture is of an apple and honey challah that I made for Easter. This challah is basically dinner roll dough, braided into a bread, and brushed with egg and it is so comforting and yummy. The other delicacy pictured here are potato knish. First I made the most delicious mashed potatoes of my life which involved caramelized onions. Then I made some dough and wrapped the potatoes up inside. Ted and I were basically fighting over these tasty little carb packages.  Recipes here and here.

One of my friends here has celiac’s, and so we try to cook gluten free when we get together. These chocolate cookies are one of the best experiments so far. You know how chocolate chip cookies are the best right out of the oven because the chocolate is all melty-well these are like that, except the whole thing is gooey and chocolatey even after they cool.  Plus, you don’t need any crazy gluten free ingredients, just corn starch and chocolate and egg whites and sugar. Basically.

Lately, this has become our favorite meal. I love it because it is crazy adaptable, and the mixture of spices tastes really authentic no matter what else you add. For instance, I’ve made it with broccoli instead of cauliflower, kale instead of spinach, quinoa instead of couscous, and added more or less spice depending on who I am feeding. We’ve probably had it about six times since I first tried it and I am not really a recipe repeater. Recipe here.

Ted’s mom sent us the sweetest care package for the end of the school year, and one of the things she included was this pancake mix. Oh man it is so good. I was craving them so bad last night that I had to cook one up, even though it was already midnight. You guys! I don’t even like pancakes that much! They’re called Park City Peace Cakes and they are cinnamon oatmeal flavor and I highly reccomend them. Thanks, Katy. (and ps it was a total accident that I made mine look exactly like the box, right down to how the strawberry was cut. oops!)


2 thoughts on “The Past While, In Food

  1. SERIOUSLY!! beautiful food! “how do you not weigh 700 pounds?!” points if you can pinpoint my probably misquoted reference….Are all of these taken with your iphone? I am so impressed and now, hungry!

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