100th Post!

As I pressed publish on my last post, WordPress dutifully informed me that it was my 99th post, which means…this is my hundredth! I knew I had to do something special, so I decided to make a list of 50 things that I want to experience by the time I’m 30 (by the way, it totally still counts even if I have already planned to do it, kinda like when I put things on my to-do list that I’ve already done just so I can cross them off.)

And without further ado,


  1. perfect the art of bread making
  2. finish the 100 movies list
  3. have some babies
  4. start a cooking blog
  5. learn to play and perform a song on the guitar (note, performing includes playing it for my husband)
  6. run a mud race
  7. find a job that I am proud of
  8. visit England
  9. grow my hair out really long
  10. get over my fear of dancing
  11. participate in a triathlon
  12. give five compliments/random acts of kindness a day (example: in the picture at the top, I went to the laundry room and found that someone already paid for my load. it seriously made my day.)
  13. write something and get paid for it
  14. go a week without watching tv
  15. backpack in the adirondacks
  16. live in nyc
  17. go to girl’s camp
  18. be an awesome aunt
  19. send a present/letter to one faraway friend at least once a year
  20. create a piece of usable furniture all by myself
  21. own a home
  22. be a confidante
  23. register for a marathon
  24. have a puppy and train them up good
  25. go sailing
  26. eat at momofuku
  27. spend zero dollars for one week
  28. have a compost
  29. find a way to consistently serve in the community
  30. read 3 classic novels per year
  31. eat macarons in paris
  32. see the sagrada familia
  33. go on a 50 + mile bike ride
  34. go to Toronto
  35. start using a real actual camera instead of just my phone all the time
  36. make up recipes all on my own, with the end goal of someday writing a cookbook
  37. climb a mountain, any mountain
  38. see the Berlin Wall
  39. work in a fancy restaurant kitchen
  40. travel to south america to do community service/community health/community nutrition
  41. grow an awesome garden
  42. be part of a community garden/CSA
  43. kayak the hudson river (for free!)
  44. figure out how to start a fire, all on my own, with no lighter fluid
  45. throw a baby shower for a friend
  46. get good at tennis
  47. speak spanish more
  48. go with ted back to the place we had our honeymoon
  49. listen to every bob dylan album
  50. keep a cutting of every christmas tree we have, like my aunt and uncle

2 thoughts on “100th Post!

  1. Congratulations on 100! This blog is my favorite and not just because you’re my daughter…I love your list! Can’t wait to hear about all of those adventures!

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