One Down…

…three to go! (But let’s focus on the one down for now, shall we. Small victories!)

Years of med school, that is. My illustrious husband is taking his last assessment as I write this, and after that, school’s out for the summer, baby. We are about to have a major role reversal-now he’ll be the one who can go for long leisurely morning runs, enjoy a luxurious brunch, and clean the house in his underwear. Oh wait, that’s just me that wants to do that stuff.

I am seriously impressed with the boy’s work ethic. Mid-year, about three quarters of his class stopped going to any part of school that wasn’t mandatory, but ted just kept on going. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t let anything sneak up on him. We have had our differences about calendars (He always sneaks on to my phone and puts things in there such as “work, 8-5, every week day.” Like I’m going to forget that.) but I have to admit that his system really works for him. Because he’s about to finish his first year of med school and I’m pretty sure he still hasn’t gotten a grade lower than a B.

So today, ted, you are king of the world. Now let’s celebrate!



5 thoughts on “One Down…

  1. Very exciting! Ted is amazing! How does he like the whole one extreme to the next thing? I’m glad we get to be part of the summer plans, can’t wait actually!

    1. He has actually been pretty busy so far-with helping friends move and figuring out stuff for our move, and he just got back from a trip to Toronto-so I’d say he’s taking the adjustment rather well:)

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